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China Shenzhen Imrita Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Imrita Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen IMRITA Technology Co.,Ltd , a leading & professional manufacturer of household& commercial water purification systems, was established in 2007, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.IMRITA is a high-tech company dedicated to integrating R&D, production, distribution and service for household & commercial water purification systems, such as pre water filter, central ultra filtration water purifier, reverse osmosis water purifier, water softener, water leak detector, water dispenser, and other ...
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quality Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System & Home Water Purifier System factory

Domesitc RO Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System 1.57L/Min Under Sink Video

Domesitc RO Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System 1.57L/Min Under Sink

Item Name:Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System

Water Flow:1.57L/min


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Durable 53L/Min  Home Smart Pipe Line Water Leak Sensor Leakproof Multiscene Video

Durable 53L/Min Home Smart Pipe Line Water Leak Sensor Leakproof Multiscene

Micro Leak Accuracy:1-2L

Single Water Comsuption Volume:180L

Single Water Comsuption Time:45min

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Practical Reusable Water Filter Prefilter , 50 Micron Pre Filtration Water Treatment Video

Practical Reusable Water Filter Prefilter , 50 Micron Pre Filtration Water Treatment

Item Name:Whole House Water Pre Filter

Filtration Accuray:50micron

Fitting Connector:Copper

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Antirust Whole House Water Purification , 18L/Min Water Purifier System For Home

Product Name:Central UF Water Purifier

Size:679X277X262 Mm

Flow Rate:4000L/h

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Girlie Sukura
I recently placed a sample order for a water leak detector and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. From start to finish, the process was incredibly smooth and hassle-free
Tom Hassein
Das Gerät ist solide verarbeitet und das Disply gut lesbar. Vielen Dank an July von Imrita für den tollen Support.
abdullah aljeb
i ‎recommended it for the ‎supplier ‎excellent quality ‎thanks ‎
Saulius Badon
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What is the cause of yellow tap water at home? Don't panic! Remember to save this guideline!
What is the cause of yellow tap water at home? Don't panic! Remember to save this guideline!
Many people may say that it is not the water plant after purification and filtration through the water pipeline to transport it!   "Congratulations on your correct answer."   Next, I will introduce in detail how to transport the tap water. Tap water refers to the water produced after purification and disinfection by the tap water treatment plant, which meets the corresponding standards for people's living and production. Domestic water is mainly drawn from rivers, lakes and groundwater through the water pumping station of the water plant, and surface water is treated by the water plant in accordance with the "National Sanitary Standards for drinking Water", after precipitation, disinfection, filtration and other processes, and finally transported to each user through the water distribution pump station.   Since the tap water meets national standards. Why does the water in my house suddenly turn yellow? There are several reasons for this problem: Tap water technology In order to remove all kinds of harmful substances in raw water, tap water will go through a number of disinfection processes, we accidentally found that the water has a strange smell because there is still residual chlorine in the water, we smell the taste of chlorine.          2. Pipeline aging Some old residential tap water pipelines have a long service life, the internal aging and rust of the pipeline, the original clean tap water is transported through these pipelines, the tap water flow washed down the pipe wall of a large number of impurities, rust, scaling was brought down, with the tap water into the user's home, so the tap water we received naturally yellowing black, and also contains particles.         3.District secondary water supply Now the building is higher and higher, which leads to insufficient tap water pressure, so now high-rise communities are equipped with water tanks or water towers, and the cleaning of high-rise water tanks is not timely, resulting in pollution of high-rise users' tap water. In fact, many people know that the tap water of high-level users is secondary pressurized transmission, and more than one journey is more than one layer of risk, not to mention the existence of high-rise water tanks is not clean, unidentified organisms enter the water tank, the water tank inside rust, etc., so that the high-level water quality is not optimistic! There is another is that the internal water supply pipeline of the community is galvanized pipe, decades of time has passed, the internal rust aging is serious, when the water flow or water pressure changes, the impurities, rust, dirt on the wall of the pipe will be washed down.   How to solve it? In this case, the most direct way to install the whole house deep water purification system once and for all, so that you do not have to worry about the quality of tap water in the home, after all, some bacteria in tap water, heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances are invisible to our naked eyes.   In the family, harmful substances will enter our body from the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even the clothes we wear and other ways, want to solve these problems, a single water purifier can only solve the water needs of a single scene, it will be "powerless, attend to this and that", can not provide us with comprehensive protection, and the whole house water purification system can fully purify the water area of each scene, Can give the family comprehensive care.  
The Importance of Daily Use of RO Water Purifiers
The Importance of Daily Use of RO Water Purifiers
The Importance of Daily Use of RO Water Purifiers In today's fast-paced world, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water is of utmost importance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through the daily use of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers. Here are some compelling reasons why using an RO water purifier is crucial in our daily lives: 1. Removal of Contaminants: RO water purifiers are designed to eliminate a wide range of contaminants from water, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, and dissolved solids. By effectively removing these harmful substances, RO systems provide us with water that is free from potential health risks. 2. Health Benefits: Drinking purified water from an RO system ensures that you and your family are consuming water that is not only safe but also healthy. By removing impurities, RO water purifiers help improve the taste, odor, and clarity of water, making it more appealing and encouraging proper hydration. 3. Protection against Waterborne Diseases: Waterborne diseases caused by bacteria and viruses present in untreated water can lead to severe health issues. RO purifiers act as a barrier, preventing these microorganisms from entering our bodies through drinking water. By providing a reliable source of purified water, RO systems significantly reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses. 4. Versatility and Convenience: RO water purifiers are versatile and can be installed in various settings, including homes, offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. They offer a continuous supply of purified water, eliminating the need for purchasing bottled water, which not only saves money but also reduces plastic waste. 5. Peace of Mind: By using an RO water purifier, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are taking proactive steps to safeguard your family's health. With regular maintenance and filter replacements, RO systems continue to deliver high-quality purified water, ensuring a reliable source of safe drinking water every day. In conclusion, the daily use of RO water purifiers plays a vital role in maintaining our overall well-being. By removing contaminants, providing health benefits, protecting against waterborne diseases, offering convenience, and instilling peace of mind, RO systems empower us to enjoy clean and pure drinking water, making them an essential part of our daily lives.
SICF silicon carbide fiber activated carbon rod
SICF silicon carbide fiber activated carbon rod
Beginning | The application of carbon materials in water purification Since the awareness of purifying water, carbon materials have entered people's vision. As one of the longest life of raw materials in the development history of water purifiers, carbon is favored by the public for its ability to adsorb residual harmful chemicals and odor in water and remove odor. With the development of water purification technology, it has been found that organic raw materials (fruit shells, coal, wood, etc.) are heated and carbonized under the condition of isolating air and then react with gas to produce a structure with well-developed micropores, so as to obtain activated carbon with stronger adsorption properties. Since then, how to improve the purification characteristics of activated carbon has become an important part of the innovation and upgrading of water purifiers. Development | The drawbacks of traditional activated carbon water  Traditional activated carbon can enhance the adsorption performance because of its developed pore structure, but the adsorbed organic matter will also become a nutrient for bacterial reproduction. Studies have shown that at 25 degrees room temperature, one bacteria in activated carbon pores can multiply to more than 4,000 in 4 days! Using this activated carbon to produce water is simply "bacterial soup"! Innovative | patented technology to open up a new situation of clean water Based on people's increasing demand for drinking water taste, IMRITA has innovated ideas, broken through tradition and improved technology, and developed SICF silicon carbide fiber activated carbon rod to improve drinking water taste on the basis of upgrading activated carbon water purification effect, so that the purified water quality is not only clear and bright, but also sweet.   Raw materials and their quality affect the adsorption performance of activated carbon, such as coconut shell activated carbon adsorption performance is higher than other materials. IMRITA uses imported high purity powdered coconut shell activated carbon as the base material to efficiently adsorb odorous substances in drinking water, such as fishy smell, earthy smell, earthy musty smell and odor.     Innovate products with technology, Serve customers in good faith. Whether it's exterior design or internal function, Innovation is the consistent insistence of IMRITA, The collaboration with Porsche Design Studio is based on this. In the future, IMRITA will also uphold the spirit of innovation, Intensive technology research and development, Strive to create a more high-end whole-house water purification product experience!
Boycott  the Japanese nuclear contaminated water to the sea, protect the future of the earth!
Boycott the Japanese nuclear contaminated water to the sea, protect the future of the earth!
In April 2021, Japan announced a plan to discharge nuclear contaminated water to the sea, which was opposed by the international community. But it went ahead and officially dumped nuclear-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean on August 24. The move sparked a global debate, with protests and condemnation from many countries.   Why boycott Japan's release of nuclear contaminated water? As we all know, the earth's ecosystem circulates through the material cycle, and the contamination scope of nuclear-contaminated water does not stop at the dumping area, but also affects the whole world through ocean currents, food chains, and water cycles, bringing various hazards:   1. Marine ecosystems are damaged The discharged nuclear-contaminated water will expand the contaminated area due to ocean currents, and the radioactive materials contained in it will spread and accumulate in the ocean, which may affect the water quality and the survival and reproduction of various Marine organisms such as algae and fish, or even become extinct, resulting in a decrease in biodiversity. 2. Affecting human health Marine life contaminated by nuclear pollution and water pollution may become human food, thus inducing radiation sickness and increasing the risk of cancer and other diseases. 3. Affect fishery resources The discharge of nuclear contaminated water may pollute fishery resources and affect the seafood market. This not only threatens the livelihoods of fishermen, but also has long-term implications for global food security and economic development. Water is the source of life, any kind of water pollution will affect human health, thus affecting the overall development of society. IMRITA actively advocates the concept of whole-house deep water purification life, with the scientific solution of "central ultrafiltration, end chlorination", and the basic organic configuration of pre-filter - central water purifier - end water purifier, to fully protect the health of household drinking water, in order to cope with the severe challenges brought by global water pollution to human health.
99% of people do not know why soft water wash hands slippery!
99% of people do not know why soft water wash hands slippery!
"Soft water is slippery to wash hands, and there is a feeling that soap does not wash away"? "The soft water in my home is slippery, if it is with ordinary clean water and tap water, there is no such slippery feeling, I do not know why?" Recently, a lot of friends have been asking such questions. They commonly believe that slippery means not clean, but is it really true?   Today we are going to talk about why soft water is slippery and clearly beautiful. If soft water is clean water, most people can't feel the difference between it and ordinary tap water. However, when soft water and soap cleansers meet, they will experience a dramatic change - slippery, and there is a feeling of "washing not clean".   Some people say that after washing to slightly astringent feeling is washed clean. In fact, it's not even clean! There's soap!    Soap dirt is a combination of fatty acids and metal ions found in facial cleansers or soap. This soapy king will hold on to the skin, and the later water will hardly wash it away completely. If it is a synthetic lotion, it will accumulate and continue to deposit on the skin.   When you wash your face every day, the sebum that plays a certain moisturizing role in the outermost layer of the skin will be washed off, and the skin barrier will be damaged to a certain extent, leaving you in a defenseless state. Normal skin can regenerate a new, weakly acidic sebum membrane within hours. However, with soap residue on the skin, this repair process will be affected, and a large amount of skin moisture will evaporate after washing the face for a period of time, and the face will feel tight. Due to the barrier effect of soap scale, even if the lotion is not easy to absorb.   The secret of why soft water is slippery?   The soft water does not contain or contains a very small amount of calcium and magnesium ions, which is not easy to form sticky soap scale, and there is no friction with soap scale. Also, with rinsing, the soap is broken down into fatty acids that are less soluble in water, so it feels slippery when washed.   This creamy fatty acid, also known as "free fatty acid", is one of the main components of the skin's weak acidic natural sebum, even if it is not completely washed away, not only does not stimulate, but also plays a natural moisturizing role. IMRITA Central water softener uses ion exchange technology to exchange the functional ions on the resin with the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, thereby absorbing the excess calcium and magnesium ions in the water, softening the water to achieve the purpose of removing scale (calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate).   The use of soft water can make the skin white and not rough, the hair black and bright no longer yellow, the water pipe no longer scale, wading appliances longer life... The central water softener brings so many surprises.
A few key things you need to know about installing a whole-house water purification system
A few key things you need to know about installing a whole-house water purification system
More than 80% of the world's diseases and 33% of deaths are linked to contaminated drinking water. In order to care for the health of their families, many families have considered installing whole-house water purification systems to effectively improve water quality. However, because the consumer's understanding of the whole house water purification system is not high, there are always some small problems in the installation and use of the process, today I will introduce several important links to install the whole house water purification system.         The whole house deep water purification system starts from the water source into the household. According to the needs of different water points in the family, through different water purification products scientific and reasonable collocation. The household drinking water, kitchen water, washing, bathing and laundry and other drinking water for a full range of deep purification, in order to fully protect the health of the family.   In simple terms, it is the first coarse filtration of the whole house water through the pre-filter. Filter the sand, rust and large particulate matter in tap water, generally installed after the household water meter; But not suitable for direct drinking; Then the output is divided into two tubes, and the first tube is deeply purified by adding the end water purifier to meet the requirements of washing vegetables, cooking rice and drinking; The other tube in the bathroom plus intelligent water softener, to meet the high-quality bath, skin care, washing, cleaning and other all-round water needs. In the whole house water purification system, the pre-filter is the most important process, which is generally installed in the place of the total water inlet valve. Effectively filter out the sand, rust and other large particles in the water, so it is required that the line must be laid during installation, so that the water outlet and the power line can be reserved. If the owner is installed after renovation, then it is recommended to contact a professional installation master to install.   The role of the central water purifier is to filter the water filtered out of the pre-filter for a second time. Purifying the water of the whole house can remove all kinds of organic substances and chemicals such as residual heavy metals, residual chlorine and bacteria in the water. Generally, the central water purifier is installed after the total valve, but now the total valve of many families is under the cabinet, so you will also see the central water purifier installed under the cabinet. In addition, many families think that the central water softener is small and there is no need to install it, so they give up the central water softener directly in order to save costs when buying the whole house water purification products, but in fact, this approach is wrong.   Dr. Martin Fox, a famous American water expert and nutritionist, has pointed out that harmful substances in water penetrate the skin into the human body through bathing, accounting for 63% of the total amount of harmful substances in water absorbed by the human body. The central water softener, through its unique ion exchange resin, can effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water, release sodium ions, and make hard water soft. The purified soft water not only does not contain harmful substances to the human body, but also effectively removes acidic waste generated by cell metabolism, prevents the deposition of pigments, and makes the skin smooth and tender.   As the proposer and advocate of the concept of whole-house deep water purification, IMRITA has been deeply engaged in the field of whole-house water purification for many years. With its unique dozens of patented technologies, it has issued a series of high-end whole-house water purification products, and developed a perfect whole-house water purification solution. In addition, IMRITA has also established a perfect national service system, so that you can truly have no worries after choosing IMRITA.    
Imrita Water Purification System Are Chosen By Millions Of Families
Imrita Water Purification System Are Chosen By Millions Of Families
Imrita Water Purification System Are Chosen By Millions Of Families   IMRITA's new nanofiltration composite membrane is based on polyacrylonitrile membrane, introduces a one-dimensional main intermediate layer of cellulose nanocrystals, and then introduces a separation skin layer on the main intermediate layer through interfacial polymerization to make a multi-layer stack. The heavy metal filtration rate of water purifiers equipped with this technology can reach more than 99%.  
About IMRITA Whole House Water Purification System
About IMRITA Whole House Water Purification System
About IMRITA Whole House Water Purification System   The IMRITA whole-house deep water purification system starts from the water source entering the household. According to the needs of different water points in the family, through the scientific and reasonable combination of different water purification products, the domestic drinking water, kitchen water, washing, bathing and laundry and other domestic drinking water are fully processed. Azimuth and deep purification, in order to comprehensively and deeply protect the health of family members and household wading equipment such as water heaters, washing machines, bathtubs, showers, and smart toilets.
Whole House Water Purification System Solutions
Whole House Water Purification System Solutions
Whole House Water Purification System Solutions Through The Scientific And Reasonable Collocation Of Different Water Purification Products, You And Your Home Should Deserve Cleaner And Safer Water To Fully Protect Your Family’s Health. ·Cleaner dishware ·No harmful chemicals ·No smells in home water ·Cleaner bathroom surfaces ·Improve the taste & smell of water ·Remove cloudiness & discoloration ·Get rid of waterborne contaminants
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